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Meet Betty Britain’s first robotic office manager

She is punctual, tireless, and always looking to learn new skills
A company called, The Transport Systems Catapult, decided to test out a trainee office manager called Betty Pinel. The fun thing about Betty is SHE’S A ROBOT, so pack your brown box MARGARET! You’re outta job soon.

Mel Gibson is making The Passion of the Christ 2

We call shotgun on sequel name/poster design. Feel free to use any of the below images Smelly Melly, you just have to give Chris Hardwick a s/o when Jesus and his Zombie tribe take on the earth.

Man Abuses Chicken: Makes Cute Video About It

Guirec Soudee, a 24-year-old French sailor from Presses Paris Ouest, is out of his clucking mind as proven by his best friend, and pet hen, Monique.
“I didn’t speak any Spanish and she didn’t speak any French, but we got along,“ Soudee told the BBC. This is a real quote, about a chicken, that we did not make up.


IOHO this is the only way anyone should do trust falls from now on.

New Star Wars Perfumes For The Lady Who Likes To Attract The Man Who Likes To Play Video Games

Tentacles and Bile for the naughty gal. Clone Juice and Zuckuss Repellant for the lady who likes to get ahead. Tears and Bitters for the sassy woman on the go.

Filipino Planes Form 69 In The Sky, Internet Cannot Yell

Filipino Planes Form 69 In The Sky, Vendre un terrain - Internet Cannot Yell
*stumbling out of the bushes covered in mud & briars* HEY LOOK AT THESE OTHER FILIPINO FLIGHT FORMATIONS!